The Seniors Pick

Noah Sanchez, Staff Writer

As the veterans of the school, seniors have experienced it all. From normal school activities to COVID-19 procedures, the seniors at CHS voice their opinion on these events hosted by our school. These answers were based off of a survey sent out to every senior in the school. It’s time to take a look into their point of view.

Note: Events are sorted from most liked to least liked.

First up on the list is the homecoming parade. 84.7% of the student body surveyed like this event, with a surprising 0% that don’t. The seniors think highly of this event, and it definitely makes sense! You get to get out of school, soak up in the sun, get or throw candy, and see all the floats! It’s a nice combination of enjoyable activities. Senior Jackson Patterson said, “It is an enjoyable outdoor event, and it is a good way to get in the mood for Homecoming.”

Next, is prom. 81.4% of those surveyed like this event, and 3.4% dislike this event. Arguably the most memorable event in High School, Prom is liked by a large number of our seniors. Senior Hunter Noto stated, “I think that it is very put together and a great way for students to socialize!”

The seniors also love the Pep Rally. With 79.7% of the seniors enjoying the homecoming pep rally, 6.8% dislike it. A super hyped event, the rally helps flare up our lion pride for the year and get us all going! Senior Peyton Bittle remarked, “I always enjoyed the pep rally because they got everyone fired up for homecoming and the football game.”

Additional survey results included graduation an the fall play. Graduation for the seniors isn’t for a couple more months, many of them have previously attended graduation for past classes. 78.6% liked this event, but 3.6% don’t. While this year, 74.6% liked the fall play, and only 1.7% said otherwise. Getting to see our school perform plays is definitely something for seniors to remember. They are super entertaining and give the seniors a break from school for a few hours.

These are the top 5 most liked events at CHS by the class of 2023.