Playing in the Sun

Celebrating the upcoming summer activities.
Playing in the Sun

With summer coming around the corner, Carterville High School students are in the final push of the school year, especially the seniors since their final day is quickly approaching. There are various activities and vacations already planned for their summer. With being in a smaller town and not having many town events, most students are planning to travel to other places. However, there are many other activities can be held during the summer at home. 

Summer is an exciting time, but it can also be very busy for some. A few students from Carterville excitedly explained their plans for the summer. Freshman Caydence Walton said, “ For the most part I’m going to be volunteering at the V.A. especially because my dad works there, so I’m able to help him with the veterans. I’m excited because the veterans are super talkative.”

While some are planning on volunteering others are going to different camps. SIU holds plenty of different camps including academic ones, art, and music related camps for students to go to. 

Another student anonymously said how they are going to a church camp most of the summer and they are excited to meet people who cherish their religion as much as they do. Others have vacations they are going on during their summer!

Junior Paityn Jarvis said, “I am going to Gulf Shores for vacation with two of my friends and I am super excited because I get to make more memories with them. I can’t wait to have lots of fun!” 

For some seniors, this will be their last time in school while others still have another 6 plus years to go. No matter how much school people have left in their academic careers, it can be safely said that everyone is happy that the school year is coming to an end. This summer will be one to go on the books for everyone, with tons of different activities planned.

While students get close to finals and the end of the year, make sure to have plenty of fun this summer!

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Ash Keim
Ash Keim, Staff Writer
Ash Keim is a sophomore at Carterville High School. He is involved with many clubs including, FCCLA, FBLA, Interact club, and is on the golf team. He enjoys listening to music while playing video games or reading. Not only that, but, Ash also has a love for science and photography. When he grows up, he wants to be a microbiologist and work in a hospital as a clinical laboratory professional.