CHS Presents: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Members of the main cast (Left to right: Maddox Seaman, Karlie Jeralds, Logan Drew, and Kash Compton) take the stage for their final bow during Happiness.
Members of the main cast (Left to right: Maddox Seaman, Karlie Jeralds, Logan Drew, and Kash Compton) take the stage for their final bow during “Happiness.”
Hailey Bolen

The Carterville Lions Choir and theater department worked together this year to put together a show-stopping production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, a musical performance based on the classic kids comics. 

The show itself does not follow a consecutive storyline, but rather gives small insights into the characters lives through a collection of musical numbers. For example, the production quickly cuts from the “Chasing Rabbits” number, which shows Sally and Snoopy hunting for rabbits, to a school assembly in which Schroder is directing his classmates in a performance of “Home on The Range.”

Evan Miranti as Schroder directing the ensemble in “Home on The Range” (Addasyn Kell)

Each number tells its own story and each scene is entirely different from the last. It is comparable to condensing the original cartoon storylines into individual songs, rather than having each song contribute to an overall plot.

With so many quick changes between scenes, the theater department’s stage crew must be exceptionally organized. They must coordinate with the cast, the director, the band, and most importantly: each other.

“Your entire perspective changes when you’re backstage” says freshman Caydence Walton,”I really enjoy [stage crew] though, me and my friends always have a good time during the play and the musical.”

Because of the crew, everything is in the perfect place when the Cast takes the stage for each number. When minor mishaps do occur in the production though, the actors “[roll] with the punches” as sophomore Logan Drew, apart of the musicals cast,  states. He believes that “These changes sometimes can add something special to the show.”

The musicals main cast included Maddox Seaman as Linus, Karlie Jeralds as Lucy, Kash Compton as Snoopy, Lily Arnett as Sally, Logan Drew as Charlie Brown, and Evan Miranti as Schroder. The CHS choir made up the ensemble, joined by the CJHS choir for a few songs throughout the show.

According to both cast and crew, this year’s musical went, for the most part, smoothly. Despite a multitude of last minute changes to the show, they were able to adapt quickly and seamlessly implement each new idea into the production.

With a talented cast, a committed crew, and tireless practice, it’s no surprise the CHS theater and choir departments were able to bring these classic characters to life in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

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