Ghostbusters: Does This New View Point Compare to the Original?

The symbol of Ghostbusters has stayed the same for almost 40 years, with a few minor adjustments.
The symbol of Ghostbusters has stayed the same for almost 40 years, with a few minor adjustments.

When compared to the original Ghostbusters movies, the newer versions have ignited many debates between the fans of the franchise. Some say that the new ones add to the original well, while others say the opposite. 

In the new versions, the original Ghostbusters and ghosts make an appearance, which pleases half of the older fans, while the other half says to leave the original where it ended in 1984. Sophomore Katie Yocum says, “I think that the original has more of a nostalgic feeling to it, which makes me want them to leave the original where it is instead of trying to add onto the originals.” 

The other half of the fan group that does enjoy the new films, they also have their problems and concerns with it. Freshman Jordan Price has been a fan of these movies all of his life, and says, “I did really enjoy the new ones, but I have to admit, they also created a little bit of a downfall because of how some of the ghosts were shown. I think that the new ones should have their own category, but are still definitely worth watching for the ghostbusters fans out there.” 

Between these two groups are the people who are in between the two communities. Mrs. Taylor, a teacher at Carterville High School, says, “I’m always hesitant when there is a sequel to a movie, but I have to say the way they have incorporated the other two Ghostbusters and then adding this fourth one was clever, and I really liked how they added all the OG’s in it with the references they had to the original movies.” 

Although the group of fans may be split into two big groups, they can still all come together with their love for at least the original Ghostbusters movies. 

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