Holiday Movie Fan Favorites


Natalie Vanderzille, Staff Writer

Watching Christmas movies is a great way to bring family and friends closer together during the holiday season for quality time. It is also a great way to spread holiday spirit and get everyone in the Christmas mood. Although there are many great movies, everyone tends to have their favorite holiday movie.

One classic holiday movie is Home Alone. It is not like all the other Christmas movies with its plot line, it is a fan favorite. Senior Addison Wallace says, ¨I really like Home Alone because it shows how precious family time is around the holidays, and how Christmas time is the time to bring everyone together.¨ Home Alone does a great job showing the importance of quality time around the holidays while also throwing in an ordinary plot line.

Another classic Christmas movie is The Grinch. The Grinch is one of the most famous Christmas movies that people of all ages can enjoy. Junior Ella Horn explained that,¨I love The Grinch because it shows the true meaning of Christmas and it is never too late to forgive and love one another.¨ 

One last classic holiday film is White Christmas. This movie is an older film, but still a very well known movie. Sophomore Mary Barnstable said this was her favorite Christmas movie because, ¨It does a great job showing what Christmas is all about, and it is also a sweet story to show the kindness of gift giving during the holiday season.¨ White Christmas is a great movie to show the true meaning of gift giving during this season, and how Christmas is about showing the people you care about how much you appreciate them. 

Watching holiday movies is a great way to spend special time with loved ones during the Christmas season. There are many great Christmas movies out there, but these three stand out the most to our students helping them get into the Christmas spirit.