Children’s Book Turned Into a Movie: Peter Rabbit

Jamie Leonard, Staff Writer

     A major memory of my childhood was all the different children’s books. We all had a favorite book that we looked forward to our parents reading to us. My favorite book was Peter Rabbit, so when I heard it was being turned into a movie, I could not wait to see it. While anticipating the release of the movie, my expectations were very high. When I first saw the movie, it did not disappoint me, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The movie and the book have many parallels; the movie also gave me flashbacks to when my parents would read the story to me. As many of the scenes resembled the book’s illustrations, it brought back instant childhood memories.

     The movie begins with Peter Rabbit on a journey into McGregor’s garden. McGregor is a grumpy old man who kills and cooks any form of wildlife that enters his garden. Peter’s dad fell victim to Mr. McGregor’s ways, and after his mom passed, Peter was the new leader of his family. To play the role of the leader and provider, Peter ventures into the garden and ends up achieving his goal of obtaining food when Mr. McGregor falls dead due to a heart attack. Peter and his human neighbor, Bea, are faced with a new problem when the house is left to his nephew, a neat freak, toy store manager. The story has some rocky roads with rivalry between the rabbits and the new homeowner; however, it culminates with a happy ending.

     Reaching the happy ending requires most children’s stories to follow a plot that reveals a good theme or moral that provides a life lesson for the viewer or reader. The theme to this story is to always tell the truth no matter what the consequence. We learn this as Peter realizes he needs to tell the truth even though he might lose the approval of Bea, his neighbor. The viewers learn that when you tell the truth the outcome can be rewarding. When making the movie based off a kids story, it is important that it encompasses the message to fully represent the book.

     If you grew up with your parents reading you the story of Peter Rabbit or you just enjoy a fictional story, I recommend this movie to you. The movie parallels the book perfectly and brings you back to your childhood. To bring back old memories or begin new ones Peter Rabbit is a movie to watch with your family. The visuals are stunning and the characters are heart wrenching. If you need a movie to watch, Peter Rabbit is the movie for you.