Thanksgiving: Which Dish is Superior?


Image by Dana Gallagher via Country Living

Thanksgiving dinner includes a variety of different options for everyone to enjoy.

Ashlyn Harris, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time for people to get together with friends and family and to be extra thankful for each other. When most people think of Thanksgiving they think of a large meal, specifically turkey. But what do people actually think about turkey being the staple item? 

In a recent poll, Carterville students shared their thoughts on the ham vs turkey debate. When people think of Thanksgiving, turkey instantly comes to mind, but with an option of ham the big question is, what’s the fan favorite? With a result of 47% ham and 53% turkey, it is clear that turkey is the preferred main course of the holiday. Sophomore Drew Barrington had other thoughts when asked about his favorite Thanksgiving food and said, “Ham because it is better than turkey because turkey is always dry.” Sophomore Wyatt Knight also went against the winning vote and said, “Ham because turkey is overrated.” 

With many side options such as mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and rolls as a choice, what is the student body’s preferred Thanksgiving item? Junior Aiden Hinton said, “Dressing, there’s nothing else that is really good.” Senior Ayden Brown also agreed by saying, “Stuffing because it tastes better than everything else on the plate. If you take it away it’s not a Thanksgiving meal, it is a normal meal and I feel really strongly about that.” Seniors Madison Eigenrauch and Rylee Davis both agreed that they enjoy mac n cheese the most. While Sophomore Alex Kimbrough said, “Bread and butter because you can’t mess that up, it’s always consistent.”

With all of these different points of view, it is quite clear the opinions on the best Thanksgiving food from ham and turkey to all the delicious sides vary widely. To clear the debate for the ongoing turkey vs ham controversy, students at CHS came to the conclusion that the winner is good old fashioned Thanksgiving turkey!