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Spooky Treat

Celebrating Halloween in Kitchen
William Bailey
Bloody Intestines on the Platter!

Halloween dawns on us this fall, a time of year when we strive for fun. While younger, students would look forward to trick or treating at night, getting candy and cavities. As time passes, the traditions get left behind for little ones. 

A nice way to take out Halloween creativity is by getting inside the kitchen to make spooky treats. This is best done with chaos, friends, and food dye. This remedy for your child’s heart keeps the thrill and joy coming each holiday.

Bloody Intestines on the Platter! This tasty thing is fun, gross, and vile looking to serve if you want to make your guests and family jump. The ingredients needed for this recipe include a can of Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls, red food dye, strong hands, and icing.

Bloody Intestines on the Platter!

Prepare oven heat to 330 degrees

Make sure to wash your hands afterwards; if not, go ahead, I’ll look the other way.

Unpackage the Cinnamon Rolls and Set the Icing Aside for Later.

Microwave Cinnamon Rolls (optional)

This method will help the dough easily absorb the red food dye.

Mix Red Food Dye and Cinnamon Rolls

If you didn’t do the optional step, this might be a hard process. Put a thin layer of powder on the counter to avoid it sticking. Add the dye by squeezing half a teaspoon and mix with your hands till evenly colored. Add more if needed for the desired color.

Shape the Intestine

It’s time to get it in shape! You will roll the dough on the counter into an appropriately sized thick intestine line.

Apply in Pan

Before putting it in, pour a thin layer of pam or olive oil in your pan to avoid sticking to your creation. Look for some inspiration on google and try the very best to recreate it. If the line isn’t long enough, it can be compensated for. Stretching the line and pull, makes it uneven in size and adds to the look in the end.

Put in Oven

Wait 9 minutes and poke the middle to test consistency until it’s right.

Take Out

Let sit for 5 minutes

Blood Gaze

Melt icing in the microwave for 10 seconds, stir in red dye till desired color, then pour on intestines. Wait 5 minutes afterwards.

This treat will always add to the Halloween feel! However, if what’s wanted is a trick, it’s possible. Sophomore Addyson Gill said, “When we had put a piece of cheese in it to give to my mom.”

For your victim, simply sneak some cheese inside their plate before serving. The taste of it is horrible, so expect a funny reaction to this harmless joke they’ll come around to. However, proceed with caution; this may end friendships.

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About the Contributor
William Bailey
William Bailey, Staff Writer
William Calvin Bailey is a sophomore in Carterville High School. He's down to try anything at least once, such as joining the SLC, Color Guard, Science Club, and Rocket Club. Doing a bunch of things keeps him active and out of his shell, so he does most without personal attachment. "Nothing is forever except change."- Buddha