Wise Words

CHS teachers share some words of advice for graduation seniors.

It can be hard to remember that the teachers at CHS were once students too. They had to take tests and eat the same cafeteria food that students do now. As May approaches and the 2024 seniors begin to make their way out the door of CHS and into the “adult world,” Carterville teachers share some advice. These teachers, who have an abundance of experience and knowledge influence to inspire the upcoming adults, offered some wise words.

One of the most common issues in people’s lives is caused by the fear of speaking up. Moving into a new environment and school can be scary and those afraid of seeming new may not want to speak up for help. Mr. Cure, who teaches both English and Sports Reporting, recognized this and shared, “Everyone is new at something at some point in their lives, and you should never be afraid to seek help and ask questions.”

Mr. Cure during his senior year of high school.

Additionally, after graduation, it can be hard for a person to take time to appreciate the world around them. With the busy routines of college and work taking time to feel thankful for what is around, it can be a difficult task. Mrs. Hubbard who teaches English said, “Greet each day with a grateful heart.”

The world is huge and going out on their own can seem intimidating to a person. Going from a small-town high school environment to a larger college or state can be a big change. For one teacher, however, he believes that a person should greet this world with open arms. Mr. Coleman, who teaches English and Film and Literature, gave this piece of advice, “See as much of the planet as you physically can.”

Mr. Coleman posing for his senior pictures.

Lastly, a person needs to remember what they did to get to where they are going. After twelve years of school, the class of 2024 is finally saying goodbye and moving on to bigger things. Mr. Hall, a social studies and humanities teacher, shared, “Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished throughout your academic journey. Celebrate your success and growth.”

Mr. Hall during the summer after his senior year.

Teachers have a position that allows them to influence their students and help them on their journey to adulthood. By providing advice to, the 2024 class they are sharing the wisdom they have accumulated throughout the years. To all the class of 24’ good luck and, hope to have a successful life, see everyone in adulthood.

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Philla Cowser
Philla Cowser, Arts and Entertainment Editor
Philla Cowser is a senior at Carterville High School. She is the Design Editor for the 2023-2024 yearbook staff. She enjoys painting, shopping, and golf. Her favorite thing to do is overdress for any situation and lives by the motto "You can never be overdressed or overeducated."