Don’t Bee Like Henry

Austin Knight, Staff Writer

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This cross country season was a fun one.  We had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories.  One of those memories that might just stick with me forever was Henry and his bees.  

Henry Jackson is a freshman.  Henry Jackson likes the outdoors.  Henry Jackson has an undying love for bees.  No one gets it.  No one understands his passion.  However, everyone on the team does not totally appreciate his passion.  Let me paint you a picture:

Imagine sitting at the picnic tables in front of the football press box, waiting for Coach to show up to start practice.  You’re talking to your friends about their day, enjoying the sunlight, and unwinding from the stresses of school.  Then, you hear “I CAUGHT A BEE GUYS!  GUYS LOOK I CAUGHT A BEE!” Now, imagine a very audible groan, and someone distantly saying, “What the heck Henry? Put that thing down… Henry stop!  HENRY STOP! PUT IT DOWN!” You look over to see Henry chasing someone else, while they scream bloody murder, crying out for help.  

Well, this actually happened, and it happened to Connor Harris.  After having learned that it wasn’t acceptable to chase others with a bee, Henry still chased others with the bee.  When he had finished chasing Connor, he thought that it would be a great idea to touch the bee’s stinger.  He did so, and called out to us, “Hey guys, I just touched the stinger! It doesn’t hurt that… oh never mind.  That hurts… ow this doesn’t feel good at all.”  

That is the anticlimactic ending to the story that is Henry and his bees.