Carterville Unable To Keep a 4-0 Lead Against Waterloo


Aaron Streuter, Sport Reporter

CARTERVILLE- The Lions took a rough 6-4 loss against Waterloo Saturday thanks to a great recovery by Waterloo in the last couple of innings.

Junior James Cravens got the start for the Lions on Saturday. Cravens only went two innings allowing only one hit and had a total of three strikeouts.

In the top of the third, senior Drew Pestka came in from right field to relieve Cravens. Allowing only one runner to get on base off of an error and a steal, Pestka got the Lions through the third with two strikeouts and no runs scored.

In the bottom of the third, the Lions took a 4-0 lead against Waterloo thanks to amazing hitting, a couple of excellent bunts, and great base running. 

Pestka continued to pitch through the fourth and part of the fifth inning getting three more strikeouts. After allowing one run and only one out with two people on, JD Dawson came in from center field to relieve Pestka.

In the sixth inning, junior Peyton Bittle came in from shortstop to relieve Dawson after allowing three runs to score making the score a 4-4 tie.

Bittle pitched the rest of the game and unfortunately allowed two runs to score, letting Waterloo take a 6-4 win.

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