Terriers Take Down Lions

Terriers Take Down Lions

CARTERVILLE – The Lady Lions met their match Monday night after a devastating 4-0 loss to the Carbondale Terriers. The Lions were on a 5 game winning streak until this match.

The Terriers had a dominating start to the game which kept the field one sided. However, they did not score until the 10th and 2nd minutes of the first half, going into the break with a 2-0 lead over the Lions. 

The Lions held the Terriers until the 6th minute of the second half when they scored their third goal of the game. Carterville’s hopes began to crumble as the Terriers finished the game with another goal in the 3rd minute. Finalizing the Terriers 4-0 win over the Lions. 

Freshman Cara Grob said, “We could have worked together more and made better passes,” when asked about what her team learned from this game.

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Regan Eigenrauch, Sports Reporter
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