Alex Kimbrough: What They Don’t Know

Alex Kimbrough: What They Dont Know

Ralph Kimbrough has attended Carterville schools since first grade and has always been a well-known outstanding student. Kimbrough is popular for his personality and athletic ability.

“I fell in love with sports at the age of 6.”

Kimbrough’s love for sports started in kindergarten playing Tri-C league. He now successfully plays soccer, basketball, and baseball. Starting his freshman year Kimbrough couldn’t play any sports due to this left knee injury. He tore his patellar, meniscus, MCL, and also broke his tibia due to a summer club basketball—injury, which affected his mental health and sports-playing ability.

Being injured took a big toll on Kimbrough because he was restricted from his freedom of having to stay in bed all day. Kimbrough couldn’t go to any sporting or out-of-school events with friends, which made him feel like he was missing out. He couldn’t play any sports during his freshman year and ended up recovering and bouncing back his sophomore year.

“I play sports because I enjoy it, not to be the best,” said Kimbrough on his motivation to recover and reintegrate himself within the teams.

Growing up Kimbrough wasn’t around his parents as much as he wanted to be due to his mom being a doctor and his father being a dentist. That led to him meeting his childhood best friend, sophomore Colton Hawkins. Hawkins provided him comfort and companionship knowing that he would always be by his side.

“One of my favorite memories with Colton is when I was fishing and he asked to play basketball, and I said ‘No, all you do is play basketball,’ and he pushed me in the lake,”

— Kimbrough

Kimbrough loves to be involved in the community, helping out with clubs and volunteer community services. “I want to be heard, the best way for a community to listen and respect you is to help out,” said Kimbrough. He is involved in both Interact and Student Leadership Council. During his freshman year, he was vice president of his class for Student Council as well.

Kimbrough is very adventurous and is known to be the light to the room. He never doubts to make someone smile with his uplifting attitude.

“Positivity is key. A positive attitude can change the way you see the world and the way others see you. Positive attitudes will help work well with others. I mean who wants to be around a negative person?”

As Kimbrough starts to gear up for his upcoming senior year he will focus on his leadership and grades. He says that he will make whatever college/degree he is striving for public and focus on baseball while staying in shape by playing basketball and soccer. He is excited to be approaching his senior year knowing that he has a lot planned. Now that you have become acquainted with Kimbrough, be sure to keep up with the Carterville Instagram and Twitter at @cartervilleath.