A smooth transition back to normalcy?


Hannah Dunn, Staff Writer

The Carterville High School students have been making many different transitions throughout this school year. At the beginning of the year, the CHS students had the choice of going two days a week or to be remote. Carterville High School has now decided to start going four days a week with the choice of being all remote. The students who decided to go four days a week have a remote day on Friday.

 Many have decided to come back to school, they felt as if  they would do better in school. Kloey Powell (10) said, “I like the transition from two days of school to four days of school because it allows me to get more help with my school work and gives me a better learning opportunity.” Kloey also stated that she enjoys being in school when she said, “I also enjoy it because I get to learn more things about the people around me in my school”. The students can now meet with the teacher to discuss homework assignments so they can better understand the material.

In addition Senior Mariah Dunn said she likes the transition “because it gives me more time to ask questions and have more in-person learning.” Mariah also responded by saying, “My favorite part about going four days a week is being able to see all of my friends and being able to have more time to ask teachers questions about my assignments and getting more help.” 

Teachers are now counted upon to cover the same amount of material in less time and have the same outcome as they would if they were going five days a week all day.  Many students are struggling with their grades because of all the material teachers have to cover in a short amount of time. Teachers and students are both stressing because teachers have to try and talk fast during the class period to try and get through all of the material and students are not able to get a better understanding of the material because teachers are rushing and so they don’t have time to ask questions. Teacher Kelly Taylor said, “I am excited to have my students back 4 days a week, I didn’t go to school to teach a computer I came to teach to students so it’s nice to have my students back in the classroom.” 

Additionally, when students need help with an assignment, they now have to go to them after school to get the help they need because there is a very limited amount of time during class. For students who are busy after school with sports and other extracurricular, they don’t have time to go to teachers after school because they have to get home and eat lunch and get ready for practice or after school there are club meeting so they are required to go to those causing them very little time to be able to talk to teachers, therefore causing them issues when having to take the test. Teachers are now giving homework daily to their students when in the past students did not get daily assignments from their teachers. The work is more, the help is less, the outcome is bad grades for the majority of students. 

However,  students such as Macey Lentz (11) who said, “I like it because I need to be in class. I learn better in class with the teacher’s assistance.” Students like being able to go for four days so that they can get a little more help with the teacher but being able to go back full time would help even more. I declared by other students that the transition was well worth it, because they now get more time to do homework over the week.

Overall, students and teachers love the change that happened at Carterville High School because they now have more opportunities to get work done.