A Helping Family Foundation for Scholarships


The Garwin Family Foundation is a program for local freshmen-junior students to earn a scholarship to pursue future career development opportunities.

Nevaeh McClellan, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

The Garwin Family Foundation (GFF) was originated in 1993 by Leo and Ruth Garwin. It helps students from Freshmen through Juniors who are enrolled in a high school by allowing them to earn a scholarship for their future college. While trying to gain the scholarship, a student must be a straight-A student or take higher-ranked classes to participate in this program. 

These significant scholarships are achieved through different subjects. These include art, mathematics, science, music festival, writer’s studio, and organizations. Many kids from all over the world can go through these programs. Some are far away and take a while to complete. For example, a program called Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research is an 8-week program. Therefore, this program will help someone learn which medicine program would be best to study. 

On Monday, October 21, 2022, students were allowed to meet with Mrs. Basso and Mrs. Hawkins to learn more about the GFF.  While speaking with Myra Anderson, she explained how she wanted to attend one of the GFF programs. “Once Mrs. Dawson had introduced the GFF to the class, I found it very interesting. After school ended, I went home and looked through the website; I saw some excellent program ideas to attend and thought about taking one to earn a scholarship for my future college or job.”

Additionally, a former CHS graduate was able to take this program when they were in their sophomore year of high school. Teresa Pender said, “Getting to do this program for a scholarship was fun. I took a medicine program and was in it for about four to eight weeks. Taking this course for that length of time had helped me grow in what I needed to know for my education and schooling to become a nurse.” 

Another student at Carterville High School stated, “Even though I was told about this program, I had thought more into detail of it, and I was scared to leave my family for that long. I would try out for this program in a different town or state. I do not honestly believe that I could be away from my family and be in a different state, not knowing anyone,” said sophomore Kayce Issacs.

The GFF program is a valuable program available to a number of students in Williamson County. More information about application can be found at https://garwinfamilyfoundation.org/.