The Competition is Real

Angelina Levins, Sports Reporter

Have you ever been in class and hear someone yell randomly? I have, and it’s pretty much every day in Ms. Hempen’s class when she shows us our house points. What are House Points, you may ask? When asking Ms. Hempen she described them as, “House points are a competitive reward system Mr. Coleman created that we use with our Freshmen English I classes. Students are rewarded class points for participation, discussion, test averages and more. Each hour competes against each other to try and get 1st place.” As of right now, the 3rd hour (Slytherin) is in first and 1st hour (Gryffindor) is in last place.

    When I asked Ayden Brown, from second hour, what hour was giving him the most competition, his response was, “I would have to say 3rd hour because they are ahead right now, but they’re not ahead by much so it should be pretty close.” Paige Riedy, representing 3rd hour, said that their real competition is “2nd hour because they were in 1st, but now we are and they are pretty close to us too.” In other words, the 2nd and 3rd hours have some serious competition going on. On the other hand, 1st hour is in last place as of right now and the other classes don’t think they will make it to the top. I asked what they thought their results were. “I think that 1st hour will be in last place,” replied Ayden Brown, but when asking Nathan Stanley if he thinks 1st hour can get to the top he responded with, “I think we can get to the top if we work hard on Read Theory, then we will be able to improve our scores and get more points.” The class who is kind of in the middle is the 8th hour class: they are not super far behind, but they are not in the top two like 3rd and 2nd hour are. According to Noah Tabor, “8th hour is hyped and is good at always completing their work, but they need to do better at class participation.”