Uniting The Young and Old


Jamie Leonard, Staff Writer

The Valentine’s Day banquet is a zealous, annual tradition for senior citizens in the Tri-C area. The Students of Carterville High School join together to give senior citizens dinner and a show. The event is a great way for students to serve the community; Student Council and Interact Club worked together to facilitate the banquet.

The experience began with seniors arriving around 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. with the assistance of valet parking. The students ran the valet parking under Mr. Wakey, the History teacher and football coach.Those who volunteered comprised of high school freshman all the way up to high school seniors. 

Once the guests have arrived, they are greeted and escorted by students who were volunteering and then escorted into the auditorium where they saw the Carterville High School Choir perform. The choir gave a sneak peek of the songs that will be featured in the upcoming musical.

A compilation of songs from this year’s musical, The Seussical, were previewed. Band and choir joined together to give the seniors a performance to enjoy. The students were able to get extra preparation in as well as showcasing their talents. 

After the seniors enjoyed the entertaining piece, they were escorted into the cafeteria. The volunteer students then served the guest their drinks and entrees. High school students accompanied them while they sat and helped the guests with anything they needed. 

The banquet brought in a lot of positive energy. The students were elated to make the seniors extremely happy and pleased. Junior class president, Jaxon Allen, said, “the Valentine’s Day banquet brings many smiles and warm hearts to our school. Students volunteer and help out all over and the people love every part of the event.” 

Students were able to learn how to serve and grow their character through socializing with the elderly. Freshman Kierami Puckett said, “the Valentine’s Day banquet was fantastic; I really enjoyed it. I love serving my community and listening to stories from older and wiser people than me. It was truly amazing and I can’t wait to do it again for the rest of my high school years.”

This year was the first year in a long while that the principal, Mr. Rogers, was not able to attend due to a sick child. Mrs. Tyner, the newly appointed assistant principal, was able to take on the role. Mrs. Tyner said, “the administration started this event when I was in high school. I was one of the students who volunteered, but this year it was an honor to be on the other side of the banquet.”

Carterville High School has held the Valentine’s Day Banquet for 19 years. Students and teachers at Carterville High School have rallied together to make this event possible. The banquet will continue for many generations to come.