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Sport Reporting: The Cool Sibling of Yearbook/HS Publications

Regan Eigenrauch
Elise Judd (11) getting advice while taking photos on the field. “It was a cool experience, and I never thought I would get that chance” said Judd.

There are many choices when it comes to taking extracurricular classes at Carterville High School, many being commonly known as, art, study hall, culinary arts, Spanish, and more.  With so many choices, it can be hard for a student to decide what they want to take as an extra class or a class they are just passionate about.  One of the classes most unknown to students coming into the high school is our Sports Reporting class.

Sports Reporting is compared to its neighbor class, H.S. Publications, in which both classes document and publish journalist happenings about the school and community. Sports Reporting, however, just focuses on sports, whether it be going to sporting events and taking photos or writing an article about an actual sporting event. 

This class is directed by English teacher Reid Cure, and the class is open for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Carterville High School.  “This class represents the school’s real-time online event coverage, and with freshman students, we wanna make sure we vet their writing ability before representing the school online in a fast past medium” said Cure.

An average day in this class partakes in, writing articles, setting up for interviews, or taking team sports photos. 

With being involved in Sports Reporting, there comes additional opportunities where students may showcase their talents. One local contest that they attend with the HS Publications staff is hosted by SISPA (Southern Illinois School Press Association), where both classes completed all day at SIU in journalism events.

Three Sports Reporting members placed at SISPA this year: Danielle Scott placing first in Sports Writing, Alex Lyell placing third in Sports Writing, and Regan Eigenrauch placing third place in Photo Storytelling. Additionally on Saturday, April 6, a few students also competed in the IHSA Journalism Sectional, where senior Regan Eigenrauch placed third in Photo Story Telling, and  junior Elise Judd placed second in Sports Writing.

“I wasn’t too nervous about it because I was just filling in for another student. I wasn’t too worried about it. I was like if I make it I make it. Then I made it, and I was like ok that’s chill” said Judd.

Eigenrauch and Judd both then advanced to the IHSA State Journalism Competition in Bloomington, IL, where Eigenrauch placed 4th in Photo Storytelling.

Sports Reporting is a very loved class by all students. Due to the fact of them giving back whether it be by sharing sports articles talking in detail about the games, or interviewing athletes about a good game.

Thanks to Mr. Cure and the sports reporting staff, students, staff, and the community can keep up with things and be proud supporters of our school athletic program. 

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Hailey Halliday
Hailey Halliday, Staff Writer
Hailey Halliday is a freshman at Carterville Highschool. She likes to play golf and go off-roading on her side by side during her free time. She is on the high school golf team and this is her first year playing golf. Hailey has dreams of becoming a lawyer one day and hopes to travel to places she has never been before. She was in yearbook club during her 8th grade year and plans to continue doing yearbook throughout her high school career. 
Regan Eigenrauch
Regan Eigenrauch, Sports Reporter
Regan Eigenrauch is a senior at Carterville High School. When she gets older she wants to become a special education teacher and move to Texas. Regan enjoys taking pictures and currently serves as the Media Editor for the CHS Sport Reporting Class.