Teacher Superlatives 2023


Mr.Towers and Mr.Clark holding their superlatives together as they get their photo taken.

Hailey Bolen, News and Feature Editor

For teacher appreciation week, the high school publications class wanted to honor our teachers by creating teacher superlatives. This year, students and teachers were sent a google form to vote on questions for their teachers of who is most likely to do something. The winners are listed below, congratulations teachers. 

Teacher Superlatives:

Dynamic Duo (F) – Dawson and Martin

Best Style (F) – Mrs. Emrick, Burzynski, Carrington, and Blumenstock

Dynamic Duo (M) – Mr.Clark and Wilhelm / Breeden and Fleming 

Boy Band – Davis and Mr. Emrick 

Department Award – English 

Fan Club – Mr.Hawkins and Samuel 

Late to Class – Jeralds, Wakey, and Banovz 

Loudest – Crain and Coleman

Travel the World – Eaton and Zimmermann

No Homework – Towers, LaBotte and Braddock

Classroom Decor – Neally, Taylor and Tuthill

Prepared for Class – Mrs.Dorris, Owen, and Hall

Survive the Hunger Games – Dunn, Swartz and Mr.Dorris

Mistaken as a student – Zier and Middlebrooks 

Dynamic Team (F) – Whitledge, Anderson, and Lane 

Best Quotable / Inspiring – Cure and Mrs.Clark


The CHS Publication class and student body wants to wish all of the teachers a happy teacher appreciation week!