New Dual Credit Classes Offered at CHS


EDC 203 poses for a picture with their Terrier Care shirts. They got these shirts from Dr. Kimbrough, who recently gave a speech to the class regarding diversity.

Callie Russell, Staff Writer

Carterville High School is getting more Dual-Credit classes offered through John A. Logan College. This year was the first year that some of these classes were introduced. Mrs. Clark is the instructor for both classes. The first class to be introduced was EDC 202 otherwise known as Human Growth & Development. The new class offered this semester was EDC 203, Schooling in a Diverse Society. Both classes have given so many opportunities to students wanting to prepare for college. Junior Melody Bytnar says, “I am really excited because I can have these opportunities in high school and can get my classes over with to become a teacher faster. I am so happy they offer these classes.”

In EDC 202, the class covers human life from birth to death. EDC 203 is more education-based. The course discusses the diversity and acceptance within the classroom. The amazing thing about these classes is that even if you don’t want to become a teacher or work in education, the material that is taught can be fun for anyone. Senior Corene Sizemore says, “The education classes have given me a huge head start for college. Both EDC 202 and EDC 203 are so much fun, and I highly recommend them to anyone!” These classes are a huge step for the education system. By offering these classes, it introduces students to the world of education. 

A majority of the students taking the classes are a part of the Educators Rising Club here at Carterville High School. 9 out of 13 of the students in the class are members of the club. Although a majority of the students are interested in education, it doesn’t mean you have to go into only education. Senior Madi Boomer explains, “If a student knows or thinks they might want to go into counseling, teaching or any social work, these courses would be perfect for them to get a feel of what children and young adults are feeling.” These classes are helping Carterville High School to take a big step into the future not just adding additional courses but also changing the future of education.