Just a “Couple” of Teachers


Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins

Rylee Davis, Staff Writer

Within Carterville High School there are a few married teachers in the building. Not only are they married but also co workers, let’s see how well these teachers know each other! Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins as well as Mr. and Mrs. Clark have been asked a few questions about each other as well as questions about themselves! Here are the results:


What is Mrs. Hawkins’ favorite food?

Mr. Hawkins: Steak (Chocolate, if we are putting that in as a food and not as a snack!!)

Mrs. Hawkins answer:  Pizza


What is Mr. Hawkins’ favorite food?

Mrs. Hawkins: Steak

Mr. Hawkins answer: Steak 


What is Mrs. Hawkins favorite movie?

Mr. Hawkins: 16 Candles 

Mrs. Hawkins answer: Anything Supernatural 


What is Mr. Hawkins’ favorite movie?

Mrs. Hawkins: Sports, all the time

Mr. Hawkins answer: Hoosiers 


What is Mrs. Hawkins’ dream vacation?

Mr. Hawkins: Beach and ocean

Mrs. Hawkins answer: All inclusive resort in the Caribbean 


What is Mr. Hawkins dream vacation?

Mrs. Hawkins: All inclusive resort in the Caribbean 

Mr. Hawkins answer: Los Angeles


Now onto Mr. and Mrs. Clark:

What is Mrs. Clark’s favorite food?

Mr. Clark: She loves all things that are SALAD related.

Mrs. Clark’s answer: Pickles


What is Mr. Clark’s favorite food?

Mrs. Clark: Mexican

Mr. Clarks answer: I’m a meat eater.  I love BBQ, but basically anything that was once a living, breathing, organism (The opposite of salad). 


What is Mrs. Clark’s favorite movie, TV show, or book?

Mr. Clark: Favorite Movie: I have no idea; Favorite TV Show:  Probably something ridiculous like a Real Housewives or some other reality (trashy) TV; Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Mrs. Clark’s answer: To Kill A Mockingbird, 11/22/63


What is Mr. Clark’s favorite movie, TV show, or book?

Mrs. Clark: That’s tough.  Probably The Outlaw Josey Wales (movie)

Mr. Clark’s answer: Movie: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (but basically, any Clint Eastwood western could go here)…or the comedy, Airplane; TV Show: 24; Book: Don Quixote


What is Mrs. Clark’s dream vacation?

Mr. Clark: Do we have to take the kids with us? If so, then any place that has historical significance.  If not, then any place that has historical significance. 

Mrs. Clark’s answer: Anywhere without children. 


What is Mr. Clark’s dream vacation?

Mrs. Clark: Wherever I want to go. 🙂  He isn’t a traveler. 

Mr. Clarks answer: I have no dream vacation.  I’m happy staying home.  If I had to go somewhere, it would be very warm and there would be golf courses involved.

So, in conclusion, both sets of teachers seem to know each other pretty well, but also have some more learning to do! Spending so much time together definitely helps, and now the community knows more about these awesome teachers!