What’s hiding in the Dugout?

The Carterville baseball players explain the rundown of what’s their hiding in the teams dugout on game days!


Pep-talk from older classmen (Carson banks (10),Noah Brookhouse (9), and Colton Hawkins (9)).

Jenna Stanley, Staff Writer

A Carterville high school dugout is much more than a sunflower seed infested cup littered room. Though the average spectator might never have know that by just sitting on the bleachers or hearing from afar the chants that erupted from the team. Outside of the field chalk lines, the dugout is the most important place for teams to come together. Other than the action happening on the field…What’s Hiding in that dugout of the lions baseball team?

#1- Protein and Electrolytes

It’s important for any athlete to stay healthy and hydrated to play efficiently. The Carterville baseball  players know exactly what to put in the dugout to fill up for that evening game. Freshman Adian Swallers, JV player,  explains, “Our team lives off of sunflower seeds, so in the dugout we make sure to stock up on both kinds of sweet and spicy sunflower seeds and the Dill pickle seed too.” He also stated what his teams drinks were, “We gotta stay hydrated out there on the field so water and Gatorade is our choice . We can never pick which Gatorades is the best Blue or Yellow. I personally, find blue is on top.”

#2-The Teams Ball Bags 

If people were to walk through the lion’s  team dugout on game day, they would see different equipment collections in every player’s bag.Making sure you have the right equipment is a pretty important part of playing any sport. So My bag carries my glove, helmet, bat(s), batting gloves, and anything else that is used to play ”said sophomore Carson Banks.  Having the correct size in any sport is important for their safety and the safety of others. Baseball players have very individual preferences in their gloves, bats, and other equipment that they use on the field. This way they are comfortable and are able to play thoroughly. In other words “Coach Diel Approved .”

#3-Our “Bestest” Supporter 

Having fans and supporting families come to games can make a big difference in the game play, that’s why the team has their own hype man. Sophomore Jaxon Hawthorne motivates and gives inspiration to the group to improve and put in more effort. Junior Joshua Waller said thatJaxson has made a positive difference to the team because of all the love and support he gives off. I’m very thankful for Jaxson and all he does for the guys.” While the boys give their all during a game, Jaxson gives his famous words of “All I want is for everyone on varsity to have support in every way and that there will be opportunities for redemption…Your time will come! Yippee.” In other words, support is key in games like these. Thereby, exposing it to the group, is like a way to support the game itself . 

#4-The Quote Board 

When Jaxson can’t make it to a game, the boys turn to the quote board for their daily to do list. Including skillful quotes to improve their mindset. “Our dugout contains a quote board of inspirational quotes for our team, and it’s a very helpful technique ”stated, senior, varsity player, Adam Vanderzille. For the coaches, these quotes can be helpful to motivating the team game play and can build a bond through short words.

All of these essentials of the Carterville dugout make a difference in the players lives and the atmosphere of their game. Their energy, equipment, support, and words create what we know as the Carterville lions baseball team. Now as people flood the stands, remember it’s important to let the guys know you’re there. Scream. Shout. Chant with the team because, as of now, the people from the benches get a sneak peek of “what is hiding in that dugout?”