Valentines Day Banquet 2023

Rylee Davis, Staff Writer

Brittni Chin (12) serves the guests their lunch at the Valentines Day Banquet.

On February 17th, 2023, the Carterville Student Council (STUCO) hosted the 19th annual Valentines Day Banquet, where they hosted the senior citizens in the community giving them entertainment and lunch. The Student Council spent around 2 months planning this special event in hopes to bring back this tradition that was put on hold due to COVID-19. 

The last banquet held was in 2020, marking the last year it was done before the world was shut down. The only students who currently still are in the school are the seniors, who worked the event their freshman year. Under new sponsors, Student Council had hopes to make this Valentines Banquet a huge success, and that it was.

The event started by the guests entering the building after dropping off their car with the valet services led by Mr. Wakey, with help from the football and boys basketball team. Guests were escorted in by STUCO members leading them to s sign in table where they got a name tag, a brochure, and a raffle ticket. 

Guests then dropped off their coats to Mrs. Blumenstock and members of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) to be over watched while they enjoyed their luncheon. They were then led to a photo booth stand where they got their polaroid taken, followed by being sat in the auditorium to await the musical performance. 

The CHS Jazz Band, the CHS Choir, along with a solo from Kerrygan Drew were the main performances for the citizens attending. After the beautiful performances, the Student Council then began to serve the guests an amazing lasagna lunch provided by the CHS kitchen staff. After they had finished, the event was wrapped up by a raffle giving away gift cards, paintings provided by art club and Mr. Breeden, and trivets provided by Mr. Fleming and the workshop classes.

Other groups that had helped make this event special were Senora Eaton and her Spanish classes, the administration, and the janitorial staff. The Student Council members were thrilled to have pulled off such an amazing and beautiful event. Junior Gabe Landon said, “I would ultimately say that the Valentines Banquet was a success, and cannot wait to continue this tradition next year.”

Senior Ashley Jackson adds on by saying, “Bringing back the Valentines Banquet was such an amazing idea. It was a ton of fun as a freshman, and now to put it on again for the first time in two years as a senior is something to be proud of.”

Overall, everyone involved in this event was thrilled that they were able to put on an event to get the local community involved in the school, and provide them a fun filled day. This has been and will continue to be an amazing tradition hosted by the Student Council for as long as it allows.