Don’t Pet My Peeve

Even though there are many different pet peeves, these are some common and some uncommon ones.

Even though there are many different pet peeves, these are some common and some uncommon ones.

Nevaeh McClellan, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

On January 10, 2023, Carterville High School students who took Mrs. Dawson’s Advanced English class discussed one of their biggest pet peeves for a speech, which later caused a commotion in the halls. Throughout the week, students began talking about what made their blood boil the most, according to their pet peeves.  

Students were wondering if there is a specific thing that can set someone off so much. The truth is yes; a particular sound could set someone off because they do not like it. According to, “A lot of pet peeves can be explained away by two particular emotions: irritation and disgust.”  “I’m sorry, but I cannot stand people who sing along with the movie we’re watching. If you sing, how are the others supposed to hear what they’re saying? And the thing is, sometimes people mumble the words!” explained Mercedes Levesque. 

A few days later, people noticed someone else had a pet peeve similar to Mercedes. Sophomore Liam Sylwester was talking about his pet peeve while heading to second hour with his best friend, Cole. Liam explained his pet peeve was whenever he watched a movie was when someone would ask questions about how the film would be described. “Every time I try to watch a movie with my little sister, she always asks me a question, which bugs me. Sooner or later, the movie will answer her question. I wish she would just watch it and not talk” said Sylwester.

Another student from the same class, just a different hour, had something else they had to say about their biggest pet peeve. According to Sophomore Sophie Polettie, their biggest pet peeve is tailgating. “It’s not a very safe thing to do, and I do not understand why so many people do this. For one, it can freak out a new driver who, of course, will be a teenager who is not genuinely sure how to drive yet. They would think they had done something wrong. Secondly, what happens if you’re tailgating someone if they step on the brakes and you slam right into them? See, you can’t do anything because it was your fault. Lastly, I find it annoying that people do this and do not have the patience for others” said Polettie. 

That said, many people have different things that can bother them. Some of the pet peeves people have are understandable things, while some make sense to be annoyed by, and some seem a little bit too funny to even to be annoyed by.