Fall Traditions: What are Students up To?


Students at CHS participate in many fall activities and traditions. Several students enjoy going to pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins while others simply enjoy spending more time with their families.

Paige Mausey, Staff Editor

There are many fall traditions that students at CHS partake in. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, it is a time of holiday fun before the festivities of Christmas begin. When the temperature begins to drop, a variety of fall activities become readily available for people of all ages.

There are several movies that are a tradition to watch when this time of the year rolls around. Whether the movie is a signature horror movie or a not so spooky Disney classic, there are several shows that add to the feelings of fall. Senior Zoey Finney says, “During fall, my mom and I watch Hocus Pocus. We have done it every year since I was a kid. I love it.”

For this time of the year, food is a favorite part for many students. Junior Megan Fleege says, “I like stuffing so much because I love the taste of it and it is so different from the other Thanksgiving and fall foods. Also, my mom is a great cook and spices the stuffing up to make it very flavorful.” Other students enjoy baking the fall treats for others. Junior Gwyn Deaton says, “my absolute favorite pies to bake are rhubarb pies. They are sour, sweet, and so delicious. I also really enjoy making berry pies, mulberry, cherry, apple, you name it.”

Some activities are prone to take place at this time while others become more popular. Pumpkin carving is a popular activity that many people participate in. Senior Emily Swain says, “I enjoy carving pumpkins every year because my competitive side comes out. My family has fun competing against each other with how good our carving skills are.” 

Other activities such as hiking become more popular at this time of the year as the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to change and fall. Fleege says, “It is my favorite time to hike because the weather is nice and the trees are so beautiful as they change colors.”

The season also comes with seasonal shopping and smells. Junior Danielle Scott says, “My absolute favorite part of fall is going to the stores and smelling their fall candles. I have already completely burned four candles this season.”

As the season continues on with flannels, sweaters, bonfires, and family favorite foods, students continue with the fall activities they love until the season of Christmas fully kicks in. Students are able to enjoy the fall air by being able to get outside and do more of what they enjoy while spending more time with their families.