10 Things to do During Power Hour


Students gather in the hallway during Power Hour to socialize.

Ashlyn Harris, Staff Writer

With COVID restrictions coming to an end Carterville High School has begun to try to get things back to normal. One huge way is with the return of power hour. The senior class of 2023 is the only class in the school who has experienced the hour-long lunch, leaving all underclassmen with a new question. What can we do with one hour of freedom?

Eat Lunch. The most obvious option for power hour is to sit down and eat a meal. The cafeteria offers numerous options each day including subs, salads, and a hot meal that differs everyday. 

Socialize. Power hour allows students to communicate and be with friends they may not see throughout the day. It also allows them to talk freely without interrupting a teacher or class. Freshman Taryn Ford said she most enjoys “getting to see her upperclassmen friends.” Many underclassmen also feel this way due to not having classes with older students. 

Homework. The hour-long lunch gives students extra time to do schoolwork, whether it be for following hours of the day or homework for that night, giving them a chance to get ahead. 

Study. Power hour also allows students to study. Whether it be for tests they may have their last three periods or for a quiz the following day. Come finals time, power hour is a great opportunity for last minute study sessions. 

Go to the Library. The library offers numerous things during power hour. One being finding a new book or having a quiet place to do homework or study. Another opportunity the library makes available is printing which can be helpful to students, especially those without printers at home. 

Academic Support. Some academic supports may be mandatory but it can also benefit students who just want additional help on current topics in the classroom. Each subject has an assigned day during the week that allows students to go to numerous supports if needed. 

Club Meetings. Power hour is when clubs have their meetings. It is a great time for students to get involved without missing class or being at school after hours. Clubs meet during a specific time every other week according to the orange and blue schedule. Senior Corene Sizemore said “I love having power hour because it allows me to be involved in many clubs.” With the orange and blue schedule, students can be involved in numerous clubs at once without missing out for other meetings. 

Quiet Time. Power hour also allows students to have time to relax and not worry about their classes if they choose to. The competition gym is offered for students who want to sit in the quiet. 

Get Active. With good behavior, the students will be offered the opportunity to engage in different activities in the auxiliary gym. Some are volley-tennis, basketball, and ping-pong. Senior Lauren Lynch said “I like watching everyone play in the gym everyday, it’s really entertaining.” Not only does the option to play in the gym entertain people who participate, it also entertains spectators. 

Power hour gives students more freedom to do as they please and do things on their own time. It is a great opportunity for students to let loose but also gives them a chance to get extra work done if they please. Do not forget- it is a privilege and not a right!