A Break in Routine


A famous attraction found within Universal Studios of Orlando, Florida is the rotating globe. Many tourists stop and take a picture to save for memories including students that attend CHS.

Paige Mausey, Staff Editor

The school year feels as if it is a never ending loop of days during the spring. With very few days off from January to May, the school calendar calls for a week-long spring break. This break gives students a much needed rest to motivate themselves to finish the year out strong. In order to relax, many students make plans and go on vacation for the week. This year, for CHS students, spring break falls on the week of March 7th. 

Many students travel to the beach to spend their break under the sun and on the sand. Sophomore Haley Banovz is traveling to Wilmington, North Carolina with her family to spend time on the shore. Banovz shares her thoughts for her trip by saying, “I’m excited to be by the beach and for it to hopefully be warm. I’m also excited to be somewhere I have never traveled to before.” 

Junior Emily Bjornberg is also traveling out West to spend her week in Los Angeles, California, which includes going to the beach. Bjornberg says, “In California I’m going to go to Universal. I’m really excited to go to the beach and be in the warm weather.” 

Not only is Junior Emma Underwood traveling to a warm place, she is planning to spend her time at Disney World in Orlando Florida. She expresses her thoughts about her trip by saying, “My favorite part of Disney is definitely the Tower of Terror, so I’m really excited for that. I’m also ready for the warm weather in Florida.” 

Differing from the majority, a few students will be taking the opportunity to travel out of the country and into the cold. Junior Bryson Edwards is traveling to Canada to see famous musician Elton John. Edwards describes his feelings by saying, “I’m excited to go somewhere new and see a legendary musician. I think it will be fun and I’ll definitely have to bring a coat.”

Other students will be spending their spring break not on vacation but working a job. Gwyn Deaton, a sophomore at Carterville High School, jumps into a new part of her life by beginning a new job. Deaton says, “I’m very excited to start training at The Downtown Dip as a scooper. It’s my first job, and I’m really looking forward to brightening the community.” 

Junior Samantha Cox is also staying home for spring break due to working not only one job, but two. Cox works at SI Bowl and the AMC theater in Carbondale. She expresses her feelings about working over the break by saying, “My spring break will most likely be spent working. My family only plans vacations in the summer and both of my jobs are fun with my coworkers.” 

Whether students will be traveling near, far, or not at all, the time off school will give students and staff the opportunity to relax before finishing the rest of the school year upon return.