How do you say…

Nathan Rogers, Staff Writer

What is the main way to tell a Texan from a New Yorker? Besides the boots they’re wearing, the main way to differentiate the two is the way they speak. A howdy from a hello is more than telling of who you are and where you are from or who raised you. How do Carterville High School’s students pronounce things? I polled students on how they say the following 5 things.


80% Pick-ahn | 20% Pee-kahn

There was not a lot of arguing on this one. Peh-cahn seems to be the more prevailing pronunciation. “I say both as a joke. Really though, pick-ahn is right,” said Junior Fallon Carney. It is the way I personally say it as well, though I am not included in any of these polls.


65% Awl | 35% Oo-ee-ull

A shorter, southern centered pronunciation is more common in the poll. It is more common in the midwest for a more enunciated pronunciation, but that did not come through here.


95% Crawdad | 5% Crawfish/Crayfish

There is an overwhelming difference in pronunciation. “Never in my life have I heard ‘Crawfish’,” said Senior Ethan Lannom. Crawdad is way more prevalent here in Southern Illinois. Do you enjoy catching these little crustaceans? I used to be scared of them when I was younger, along with lobsters and crabs. I did not catch many.


55% Seer-up | 45% Sur-up

Pretty close match up! I hear both all the time in the hallways. Whenever people discuss syrup, like people do often.


80% Car-muhl | 20% Kara-mell

The correct pronunciation is indubitably the second one. The second ‘a’ is not at all silent!

So here you have it! Carterville turned out to be a mixed bag of pronunciation. A majority of our pronunciations are midwestern and southern, which also reflects our culture. Think a bit about how you speak, and try to determine all of your cultural origins!