The Memories We Hold

Lydia Nelson, Section Editor


A Senior reflection on High School and the unforgettable moments 

The years have passed. Time has flown by quicker than any of us have wanted it to, yet here we are. The Senior class of 2020 has experienced many momentous occasions throughout their high school careers; some are filled with joy, while others still leave tears rolling down our faces. But through it all, we have always come out stronger at the end. This week I interviewed several seniors about their lives at Carterville High School. Sarah Carter expressed, “I’m going to miss Friday night lights with the band, because I’m going to miss my band peeps and the energy that we had.” 

Senior year is one of the most joyful times of high school, yet it can also be one of the hardest. Boys and girls move quickly into adulthood, even though they may want to still be their younger selves. A major difficulty during senior year is the hard truth that after high school, you may never see your old friends again. Samantha Price quoted this tragic fact when she stated, “I’m gonna miss all the people I see every day and the teachers. They’ve been a part of my life every day now, so I’m going to miss them when they’re gone.” Saying goodbye to the people who have been with you since the beginning of school is always hard, especially the ones who you have known all your life. When senior year ends, there will be many tears shed, but one thing that will remain are the memories. Those can never be forgotten. 

Along the way, there may also be moments that seemed small, but the outcomes of them left a much bigger impact on our lives. Rose Mercader expressed, “my favorite moment of high school was being able to bond with new people, and getting the chance to strengthen those bonds throughout all four of my high school years.” Meeting new friends in high school is one of the most exciting accomplishments, but leaving them is always the hardest. Even when life moves on after high school, we will always remember the individuals who made our high school careers infinitely wonderful. Tobias Lang reflects on how some of the best memories he has ever had were from the activities he took part in with his fellow classmates at the school. He stated, “My favorite memory from high school would have to be when I got to hangout with my friends and people I didn’t know as well during the musical.”

High school is a time that changes people forever, whether they realize it or not. Even though it is only a small puddle in the rest of our lives, it leaves everlasting experiences ingrained in our souls for the rest of time. Through both the good days and bad, the seniors at Carterville High School know that through it all everything is worth it in the end. Even after we all graduate and open the doors to our new lives in the great wide world, we will always remember the memories we made during these four years in the small yet beautiful town of Carterville, Illinois.