Mani, Pedi X 2 inches?!


Audrey Snyder, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have nails that are an inch and a half long? Well wonder no longer, and feel free to ask junior Audrey Snyder.

Audrey has been getting her nails this length since 8th grade. Some of her daily struggles consist of putting on earring backs and clasping necklaces. Opening soda cans are also extremely difficult.

Some commonly asked questions are as follows:

  • How can you type with those?

Audrey’s response: “I type using my actual finger nail, rather than the pad of my finger. I can do it, obviously, as I typed this paper.”

  • How do you wipe?

Audrey’s response : “The same way you do; it’s easy!”

  • How can you afford them?

Audrey’s response: “They aren’t very expensive, approximately 35 dollars a month. Also, I am used to paying for it because I’ve been doing it since 8th grade.”

  • How often do you need a fill?

Audrey’s response: “You need to get them filled approximately every three weeks, but it is healthy for your nails to get a new set every six months.”

Now to the people, on their opinion of these talons:

When asked, junior Sydney Peterson had a strong opinion, saying, “I like your nails, and I would get them on my hands, but I don’t understand how you can function.”

Abbey Crain also gave her input from an athlete’s point of view, noting, “You can rock them, but for me personally they are too long because I play sports. I know you for your long nails; you have had them ever since I met you. You just wouldn’t be the same [without them].” 

Some may say nails are only a part of the finger: a package opener, page turner, and body scratcher, but for Audrey, they are more than that. They are most certainly a way of life.