Giving Thanks for Good Food

Jamie Leonard, Staff Writer

Every fourth Thursday in November, families get together to give thanks and share a nice, long meal. On this day, known to many as Thanksgiving, many people in America enjoy stuffing their face full of delicious food. “My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the food.” Sophomore Madison Poshard says. When it comes to this time of year, thanks is given where it is due. Some consider that food, while others find that their families deserve that honor. Sophomore Laney Wagner, for example, says her favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the “Family togetherness.”
In different families, there are a variety of favorite foods. It is an American tradition to eat turkey accompanied with multiple side dishes, such as casseroles and desserts. “My favorite food that my family has for Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes with gravy,” noted Wagner. Common sides include greenbean casserole, yams or sweet potatoes, and corn. Along with sides, many finish with desserts; a common dessert during Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie and other sorts of pies.
Some families have foods that are unique to their table. Sophomore Lexy Snow says that her favorite food her family eats is “Mac N cheese”; while Sophomore Madison Poshard says her family’s favorite, if unusual, side is their “broccoli casserole.” After sides, desserts are definitely a fan favorite.“Pumpkin cookies,” for example, are an original thing that Sophomore Tyler Stritzel says his family eats. It is clear that different families have different traditions and different foods.
While food is important (and yummy!), the true joy of Thanksgiving is giving thanks to the people who are important to you. Be thankful. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!