10 Things To Do Before the Leaves Fall

Sydney Brown, Staff writer

1) Go to a haunted house with all of your friends. (A.K.A. intentionally put yourself in an unsafe environment to produce fear as a form of entertainment.)


2) Eat all things apple flavored; heck you might as well hook yourself up to an apple infused oxygen machine. Candy apples, apple cider, apple pie, shall I continue?


3) Finally be able to wear lots of over-sized sweatshirts.


4) Visit a pumpkin patch with family or friends. Pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve or leave on your porch. If you’re feeling extra frisky you could see if they have the most stress- inducing activity of them all…wait for it…THE CORN MAZE.


5) Carve a jack o’lantern with someone you love. Take an hour or two to simply enjoy each other’s company while working on a masterpiece in pumpkin form. You could even bake the seeds when you’re finished as a post-carving snack.


6) Is fall really fall if it doesn’t smell like it? I think not. Go out and buy yourself some candles to embrace the entirety of the season and sit back with a cup of warm cider.


7) Hey, get off your butt and watch the leaves drift down. Go for a hike somewhere with lots of trees to enjoy the sight of fall before it becomes snow season. Take your friends or go alone, whatever you do just look to the beauty of nature that’s right outside your window.


8) You might as well crack out the spooky movies. There’s no better time than a night in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and a blanket to hide under. Why not intentionally give yourself nightmares? Sounds fun right?


9) Fall can get pretty messy. Although, with that mess comes a hidden pass time. There is no true way to describe the entertainment it provides, but jumping into a pile of leaves might be just what you need.


10) Lastly, you should definitely spend as much time as you can with the people you love. Despite all of the apples you will be eating, movies you’ll be watching, and pumpkins you’ll be carving, the true beauty of fall can only be found within the people you spend it with.