SAT Preparation

Emily Boshera, Staff Writer

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All across the state of Illinois, high school students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or the SAT. The state of Illinois previously required students to take the American College Testing, or the ACT. While students are allowed to take both, the SAT is now required over the ACT in Illinois. Many students have different ways to study for tests whether it is flashcards, practice tests, or websites like the College Board, Khan Academy and YouTube. YouTube can be great for study videos while Khan Academy and College Board have awesome practice tests. CHS Junior, Tora Stallings stated, “I prepared myself by studying with my friends in little groups. It allows me to have more help and resources while I study”. Other CHS Junior, Megan Horner, claims “I look up and take practice tests online. When I am done I look up the answers to see how I did. I also look up the ones I got wrong and the ones I think are hard for me and study them more”. While Carterville High School does a great job in preparing their students for the SAT, it is always a good idea to study on your own with practice tests, quizlets, practice books, or with friends for extra help. And don’t forget to get plenty of sleep and eat a good breakfast the morning of the SAT. Don’t over think it too much, it is not as bad as it seems. Take a breath and relax, it will go by with ease!