Wild Weather

Georgia Stroud, Staff Writer

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As most of us know, Southern Illinois weather can be unpredictable and wild. Residents of the Southern Illinois area have seen this throughout the month of January. Last month on Thursday the 11th, students from all over the region were awaiting for the call saying that school was canceled. Local Cartervillion said, “These are the worst roads I’ve ever seen”. And he was definitely correct. Carterville High School was closed due to the weather for six days including the long weekend. Most decided to stay indoors during the inclement weather. Local senior, Taylor Jones said, “They don’t clear any roads off of Old 13 and my driveway is at a 90 degree angle. So you can imagine how bad this sounds. Basically, I slid into the ditch several times because of the ice.” These conditions caused the roads to be nothing but ice. However, if you were brave enough to go outdoors, you felt the harsh temperatures that were in the single digits. In true Southern Illinois fashion, the weather did a complete switch. On Sunday, January 21st after a week of complete cold, the ice began to melt and roads became safe again. The following Monday, the weather was a warm fifty-eight degrees. Let’s all hope the weather stays in the higher range as we continue to finish this school year.

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Wild Weather