Kart Kings


Josh Waller, Sport Reporter

CARTERVILLE – The Carterville eSports Mario Kart team has gained some attention in the early part of their season by earning a first-place ranking in the Midwestern Region. Last week they started their season with a 2-0 victory and continued this week to remain undefeated in the early season. 

Carterville High School is in the midst of its first ever eSports season in school history. The program, led by Head Coach Noah Coleman, competes in Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and Rocket League. The teams have seen success early on, despite the program’s recent beginnings.

The Mario Kart team is composed of Brock Sisk (SR), Branden Staffey (SR), Rylan Scott (JR), and Giana Cudworth (FR). They’ve taken home wins against St. Patrick Catholic High School in Week 1 and Norway High School in Week 2.

Brock Sisk, Mario Kart’s team captain, has had the privilege of leading this squad so far.

It’s been going well so far. We’ve won two out of two matches… and I’m confident in our team’s ability, but there is definitely room to improve which each of our players is focusing on. We look forward to coming back next week and hopefully remaining undefeated,” said Sisk.

The Kart Kings seek to keep their foot on the gas as they continue play on Thursday, March 2.