Serve it up!

Hannah Dunn, Staff Writer

Volleyball varsity girls discuss what their next play is in their game.

Many sports at CHS have changed significantly and students are finally able to play sports again. Volleyball practices and games were on a pause for a while and they did not get to practice as much as they hoped. Every student must wear masks during games and practices at all times. Many students have various impressions on volleyball this season. 

Many students have various thoughts on volleyball and what they like about this season. Regan Eigenrauch (9) said, “My favorite part about being able to play is all the people I got to meet and get closer to over the season. It’s obviously not a typical season so getting to know the upperclassman was something I was kind of scared to do but I’m very glad I got to meet all of them. They are all super nice, I could not ask for better people to play with. Wearing a mask is not that bad, it would definitely be ideal if we didn’t but getting to play is with or without a mask is great. The best part of competing is the confidence it brings to the table. If you’ve done really well in a play, your teammates will tell you that, or when you accomplish a goal you set for yourself that game. All of that brings up your self esteem. Competition also teaches you to bring your best effort. Giving your best effort on everything will show others that they can rely on you. After the season, I usually get more free time that I can spend with my friends and family.”

In addition, Brianna Ward (12) enjoys being able to play sports and she said, “The best part about playing volleyball for me is it has always been an outlet for me, and a way to express myself. The bond, especially with this group of girls makes it even better because there’s a level of trust that is incredible, and they are a family to me. Wearing masks is not always fun especially when doing a lot of running and sweating, but I do understand why we wear them. The best part about competing is it is so easy to play with, and the energy that is formed is so contagious. When volleyball is over I usually tend to focus on school a lot more. After this season is over I am focusing on many of the next steps for college”. 

Even though sports are much different than they used to be, students are still happy that they get to have somewhat of a season this year. Student Mariah Dunn (12) said, “My favorite part of playing volleyball is being around the girls. I love every single one of them and I genuinely love being around them every single day! Honestly, I don’t really think it’s necessary. Most of the time it’s pulled down so why have it on in the first place. Honestly it’s seeing everyone else’s skills and how other people play. It’s always interesting to see how other people have been taught to play. Usually the first two weeks I just let my body regroup. Especially after this season, because it’s everyday with multiple games during the week and not really down time considering the limited time we have”. Mariah loves to play and be around the other girls and work hard as a team to win games.

However, students such as Maria Williamson (10) said, “Being able to experience making new friendships with teammates and making memories on the court with them. I think it’s important to be safe and smart and wear out masks, even if it’s not the most convenient thing. We have just learned to adapt at practices and games. Just being able to have that thrill and the fun of winning or working hard and feeling accomplished. I participate in other sports and activities.” 

Overall, many students have many impressions on volleyball this season. After a long pause for high contact sports, they finally get to start back up and play many games. Students are beyond happy that they get to have a season this year. Every student plays hard to work together and win as a team. They are doing really well this season and making sure that they work together to win the game as a team.