Tis the Ski-son for Football

Jamie Leonard, Staff Writer

The September air brings on many fall time festivities, Friday night football being one of the biggest. One of the main players on the the Carterville High school varsity team is Senior Colin Laczynski, primarily known around the school and by coaches as Ski because of his last name.

At a home varsity game, one could find Colin playing as number 35. His positions are running back, linebacker and kicker. When asked what his favorite thing about playing football was, he responded that he likes “the physicality of it.”

Colin enjoys playing sports that involve contact. After this year he will be leaving for college. He is not sure if he is going to play in college, but he says that a scholarship for football would be nice, and is just going to see where this year brings him. “I’m just going to play one game at a time, I can’t anticipate the rest of the season,” he noted.

Playing with his buddies is one thing that got him to like football. He had played soccer all his life, but began playing football his freshman year to try something new and play with his friends. He stopped playing soccer and started to really focused on football at the start of Sophomore year. He also mentioned that when he leaves this year, he will miss playing with his buddies the most.

If there was one word one could use to describe Colin Laczynski, it would be ‘individual.’ “I just want to be my own person,” Colin replied when asked if there any professional athlete that he aspired to be. Overall he just wants to be himself and enjoy the game. Best luck toward Colin for this year’s season!