Unsung Heroes of CHS

Makenzie Henton, Editor-in-Chief

Behind every school, there is a vital group of people consisting of custodians, kitchen staff, secretaries, supervisors, and support staff. Without these members of the school, the daily lives of students would run nowhere near as smoothly as they currently do. Often, this aspect of our school community goes unrecognized, as so much of an emphasis is placed upon our teaching staff. Though there are many staff members that I could give recognition to, I will try to categorize it by their jobs within the school. 

The staff members you might see around most often would be known as our student supervisors. Mr. Jim Manis, commonly known as “Jim” to the students, and Officer Jordan Kiesling can be seen all around the school at all times of the day. If you are ever having a rough day, feel free to go talk to Jim for a good laugh and high five, or Kiesling if you would like a sarcastic joke to make you laugh. 

Our custodial staff is arguably one of the most necessary aspects of the CHS staff, but somehow they still manage to go unrecognized by the students. Mrs. Tyner, our Assistant Principal says, “Without a doubt, our custodial staff is one of the more unappreciated groups. They are currently driving buses, working events, and give more time than anyone gives them credit for or has any idea about.” They constantly work to make our school the best it can be, and they will never decline an opportunity to say hi. 

The kitchen staff at CHS also works hard to be an instrumental part of the daily lives of both students and teachers. They have meals ready for all of us twice a day and work to make not one, not two, but three options available to satisfy our desires. You can always count on a smile when you go to grab your tray, but next time, instead of smiling at the food, maybe give one back to them. 

Though the next two names might not be of huge recognition to you personally, I am sure that your parents love them to death. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Chapman, the office secretaries, make our worlds go round at Carterville. Handling absences, orders, announcements, the schedules of our administrators, and constant phone calls, they have a great number of things on their plates. Regardless, they will always greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. Senior Mitali Bahinipati assures, “Mrs. Adams has been a very supportive member of the CHS staff, and I will always remember to give her and Mrs. Chapman Christmas gifts.” 

Last but not least, the most hidden of all of the staff is the support workers. Though you may not always see them, they are there to help the students at CHS to succeed with classes, discuss issues, and tutor our exchange students. The wonderful workers that fall under this category are Mrs. Siefert, Ms. Bolling, and Mrs. Austin. If you are ever blessed enough to get a study hall of sorts, be sure to treat them with the same respect and kindness that they treat you with. 

These vital members of our staff should not go unrecognized for any longer. Nathan Quinones, a sophomore this year, has gotten to know our staff a little better since his first year. He believes that “The staff here does so much for us that goes unrecognized and I believe they deserve so much more recognition than they receive on a daily basis,” and Nathan is definitely correct. Our staff deserves the utmost respect and admiration, as they do things for us that we could not imagine without them. Next time you walk through the hall, take a look around and say a friendly “hello” to the staff that you always see, but never thank.