Advice with the Alumni


Callie Russell, Staff Writer

Carterville High School has been around for at least a century. Thousands and thousands of students have come through CHS. Many of the alumni now teach here at Carterville High School. Some of these staff members include, Mr. Jeralds, Mr. Crain, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Bittle, Mrs. Dawson, Mr. Diel, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Samuel, Mrs. Braddock, and Ms. Owen. Here are some pieces of advice from current teachers, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Clark. 

Mrs. Dawson, a 1990 graduate, says, “It was a very different time with less rules and more freedom–this was both good and bad.”

At CHS most students were involved in something. One major point that Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Dawson said students need to eis njoy their time in high school. “High school is a unique experience that will never happen again with those same people. Soak in the activities and enjoy–embrace them!  When high school is over, it is over.  It cannot be recaptured.” 

Mrs. Clark attended Carterville High School from 1994-1998. When Mrs. Clark attended CHS, she said, “We had a lot of fun. I loved it.”

Her advice for students now is “to take advantage of being involved. I know it’s cliche, but it is true. Go to sporting events. Support other students. Join clubs. Meet new people.” CHS offers many ways for students to be involved, like clubs, sports, and after school activities. 

Mrs. Martin attended CHS from 1999-2003. Regarding Mrs. Martin’s experience at CHS, she said, “I absolutely LOVED going to school at CHS! I had so many fun experiences and memories with my friends and teammates!”

As a student at CHS and any other school, it is a good idea to be active in school.  She continued on about how it was different attending high over 20 years ago compared to now. Carterville has grown in town population and class size over the last 20+ years. “My advice would be to listen to people even if they are different from you. I challenge all CHS students to make it a part of their life as well!” 

All three of these teachers attended Carterville at different times. Each of them said to be active in the school and the activities that the school has. By participating in school activities at Carterville High School, students can make memories, make friends, and have fun experiences.