Pro Athletes Are Paid Too Much


Maryn Vaughn, Sport Reporter

There is no question that pro athletes are paid way too much. Granted, athletes go through a lot of physical and mental stress during the longevity of their season and should be rewarded, but is 11 thousand dollars per minute too much?

Some would argue they should not be entitled to that kind of wealth and I would have to agree.

One of the best basketball players of all time, Lebron James, makes more than 40 million dollars per season. This means he obtains a whopping 502,000 dollars each game which translates to around 136,000 dollars per quarter and 11 thousand dollars a minute.

Some would debate that comparing an athlete to any medical professional is unfair and dishonest but both are occupations that the person chooses to pursue the majority of their life. A doctor in Illinois makes around 138,000 dollars a year compared to the average salary of a professional basketball player which is around 7.5 million dollars. Even the lowest-paid NBA player recorded in NBA history, Ishmail Wainwright, still acquired a tremendous 633,000 dollars for his season.

For athletes to get paid at this rate compared to doctors who save lives on a daily basis is unreal.

When Patrick Mahomes’ 10-year extension came out back in 2020, a lot of fans had something to say about it. Dan Butler, a graphic designer in the music and entertainment business, said, “Wow pro athletes are paid way too much. And yes, I know they bring in money for the league… doesn’t make it right. Teachers are actually shaping the future and they are having to struggle to buy their own supplies.”

The same source followed up with, “8 million [dollars] a touchdown still seems a little steep to me for something so worthless lol.”

After all, there is no surprise that teachers were having to fight for the ability to buy supplies for their classrooms. If our society did not spend so much time obsessed with the world of sports and so much money for 3 hours of entertainment, teachers would not have to struggle to buy items to teach future generations.

Now although these athletes are overpaid, it isn’t necessarily their fault. They do bring entertainment to millions of people and inspire a lot of young minds for which they should be rewarded.

I asked Carterville Head Basketball Coach Shane Hawkins how he felt about pro athletes getting paid an unrealistic amount of money.

“I do think professional athletes make an enormous amount of money, however, that is also the going rate at which people will pay them. So, it doesn’t matter what the occupation is if people are paying you that amount of money,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins makes a good point. These athletes didn’t choose to be paid these crazy amounts of money. The organizations are to blame, not the athlete themselves.

It is safe to say there are numerous reasons why it is believed that professional athletes are paid way too much. Although they are incredibly hard workers who inspire younger generations, I think it is ridiculous for them to get paid the insane amounts they do for entertaining the world for 2 to 3 hours on television.