New Clothes vs. New Passion


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Studio shot of a beautiful young woman wearing a 80s outfit

Haliey Bolen, Staff Writer


      It has been said that old trends, including clothing, are starting to resurface. However, is that true? Over the previous few decades, there have been numerous changes in what is considered to be in vs. out and students at Carterville High School are a perfect outlet to watch the trends evolve, and possibly even reappear.


       Imagine the 1980’s, when the majority of teenage girls would wear their hair down to school. They paired that hairstyle with the brightest neon-colored clothing, ripped jeans, lacy shirts, and shorts. Converse sneakers, striped and color blocked shirts, vivid acid-wash denim jackets, and trousers were worn by the guys. As a person proceeded down a high school hallway in the 80’s, they would take note of all the brightly colored outfits that appeared. CHS Teacher reflects on his high school days saying,”Most of my time, I was wearing sports attire. Jerseys, shorts, and sweatpants. When I was playing sports or working out, I would always be found in full camo, or at least jeans and a camo shirt”, Mr.Mathews. 


          After forty years, the year 2020 has the century’s most up-to-date trends that appear to be more casual than they once were. Teenage girls are often found in leggings and a sweatshirt, rather than a bright lacy top. The boys, on the other hand, are dressed in the same Nike sneakers and hoodies as the girls. Two Carterville High School students were asked about their opinions on the school’s current fashion trends. “My favorite fashion trend is wearing Air Force Ones and baggy clothes to school,” Fernanda Chavez-Martinez (9) recalls. However, in response to the same question Camden Ward says he does not particularly pay attention to the fashion trends. “Whatever I find in my drawer is the first thing I would wear to school that day,” Ward (9).

           Overall, all kids have access to a wide range of clothing styles to wear to school. All and all, the 80’s trends continually resurface a lot of everyday life in everyday life. A great example of this are the students at Carterville High School.