Lions Roar Past the Tigers with Ease


Regan Eigenrauch, Sports Reporter

CARTERVILLE- The Carterville Lions football team secured a win against the Herrin Tigers Friday night, 46-6. The night was full of excitement, especially with the honoring of the 1996 championship team. 

The Lions played clean all night. They had no turnovers and 13 of QB Andrew Hellriegel’s (JR) 14 passes were completed. 

With 3:55 left in the first quarter, Ethan Lannom (SR) scored a 5-yard touchdown on the ground to open the scoring at 6-0. Soon after, wide receiver Townsend Barton (SR) had a 33 yard touchdown run with 37.6 seconds left in the quarter to make it 12-0. 

The second quarter started with a tipped pass by Barton and an interception by Blake Burkey (JR). Within 20 seconds of the start, Barton had his second touchdown of the night on a 54-yard run. The point after attempt off the foot of Jaron Luttenbacher (SR) was good, making the score 19-0. 

To continue the offensive trend, Burkey went on to receive a 9-yard touchdown pass from Hellriegel with 7:40 left in the quarter. The extra point on top brought the score to 26-0. 

Like dejá vú, Burkey received a 26-yard pass from Hellriegel moments later,  making the score 33-0 with 37.4 seconds left.

With 7:40 left in the third quarter, once again Lannom waltzed right into the end zone with an 18-yard touchdown run. The following kick was no good making the score 39-0. For his third touchdown of the night, Lannom had a 1-yard run with 4:02 left in the quarter. Luttenbacher placed it between the uprights, making the score 46-0. 

After Lannom’s touchdown, the continuous clock started. In the fourth quarter, Herrin’s  Evan Young, received a 25-yard touchdown pass with 4:39 left. The kick was no good on their part, leaving the score 46-6.

“I kind of expected a good game between Herrin and Carterville, it’s not a rivalry yet but after tonight I think it is. Our offense was on point. Defense, incredible stops, 2-3 interceptions. That was a key component in tonight’s game,” Lannom said when asked about his expectations going into the game and the outcome.

Join Lannom and the rest of the Lions’ football team when they play at Murphysboro against the Red Devils on Sept. 10 at 7 p.m.