Helpful Websites and Resources for Online Learning

Angelica Luna

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Angelica Luna, Staff Writer

Students can have a very hard  time if they do not understand what’s going on, and getting help may not always be the easiest. This list has five school websites that may help anyone in the future. 

    Depending on the type of person you are, online school can be very hard. It can especially be hard for the students who are fully online to ask for help. This article will tell you of five websites that are known for helping students with school, the list you will read about  has at least one website that can help you with whatever you need. So let’s get right into the websites that will hopefully help you in the future. CHS sophomore Kelsey Harrison said, “I used Khan Academy to get some extra help in algebra and it has actually helped me a lot more than I ever thought it would.”

 Khan Academy is a free website that mainly helps with Math and Science although it does have other lessons like personal finance. This website can help with almost anything a student may be struggling through and is also trusted and used by teachers. 

A review from a Classroom teacher rating five stars states, “Great lesson plans to complement social studies curriculum, such as: role playing the writing of the constitution, an art contest which uses primary sources to examine slavery, and an activity where students create a walking tour of slavery in their town/city. This is a great way to engage students in history!”

For help on any type of History assignment, the website is for students who need to research or just want to learn new things. It’s especially helpful for research projects and essays. It has information on everything and anything to do with history. If you are interested in just learning new things this website is great for that as well. 

Classroom teacher Samantha S. from Wilde lake Middle school rates Ck-12 five stars. She states, “I use this product with my 8th grade Geometry students to practice skills learned in class. Students were assigned laws of sines and cosines practice with interactive real world applications. The students were very engaged and very much enjoyed completing the assignment. Students were able to log-in and find the assignment easily.” 

The Ck-12 website has many free lessons which include videos, flashcards, and textbooks. This has many subjects to learn about including Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. If you are looking for a website to help you with all subjects, this is the one. It especially helps if you are struggling to learn something or if you need to study a certain topic.

The next website is an advanced website that was rated five stars by JohnLakes as he states, “The courses were exactly what I expected and the videos/ problem sets were very good and appropriate to the levels of the courses.”

 This website includes many advanced subjects like business, engineering, and even language (these are courses so they can change) It offers lessons for students who may be interested in taking different and more advanced courses and for those who want to learn a new language this website can be extremely helpful with learning and studying them. This website offers lessons for Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, and even Sign language. Not just is this website helping with advanced subjects and learning languages but it also helps with learning the culture behind these languages.

Our last website has a total of a 4 star rating. A review by Anastasia B states, “I absolutely love This is the website I frequently visit for news, and I find them to be a reliable source of information. Their articles are well written, and the site itself is fast and easy to navigate. I would like to see more substantive articles, as this site occasionally publishes fluff, but for the most part, I find it to be an excellent website.”

The fifth website is This website would be most useful for students needing facts for presentations. It has every single basic subject with many helpful facts to look through. Hopefully, these websites can help many students throughout the year, especially during these difficult times.   

Sophomore Gena Farmer said, “I have not used any specific websites, however I have used a decent amount of google. I wouldn’t say online school is hard, but it is very frustrating. Especially when the teachers do not give us the same amount of information that they give students in class.” 

Hopefully, this list of websites can help students get through the year and make students who are struggling and frustrated a little easier.