Onward: A Heartwarming Journey

Kelsey Harrison, Staff Writer

Onward is a touching movie about 2 brothers, Ian and Barley, on a quest to meet their dad who passed away when they were young. The movie opens on Ian’s 16th birthday when he is given a magic staff and a spell to bring his father back for 24 hours. Of course he begins the spell right away but something goes wrong and only half of their father comes back. It is at this point in the movie when Ian, Baley, and their dad’s legs must go on a quest to find another phoenix gem before the 24 hours are up. This is a great movie because it shows the growth in Ian and Barley’s relationship throughout their quest. 

You may recognize some familiar voices in this movie. Ian Lighfoot is voiced by Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spiderman in the recent Spiderman movies. Barley Lightfoot is voiced by Chis Pratt, who plays Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The Manticore is voiced by Octavia Spencer, who plays Dorothy Vaughn in the movie Hidden Figures

Ian and Barley come across many challenges on their way to the phoenix stone but they always use teamwork, and a little magic to solve their problems and get back on the road to finally meet, and say goodbye to their father. Through the many twists and turns Ian and Barley take on their quest for the phoenix gem, we watch their brotherly love grow for each other and their relationship become stronger when it is put to the test.

This movie hits a very emotional place for many viewers as it revolves around the idea that they would do anything, go through any challenges to have one more day with a deceased loved one. When seeing their dad one last time is the main thing on the Lightfoot brother’s mind, they don’t realize that they are growing closer as brothers, as friends, throughout their whole journey.

So in conclusion, I give this movie 9/10 because there are a few momentary lulls in entertainment in the movie but it picks back up moments later. But all in all it was a great movie, I would definitely recommend it.