Who are the next “Browns” of the NFL

Josh Levins, Staff Writer


The Cleveland Browns, since their return to the NFL back in 2001, have had struggles with winning until last year when they almost made the playoffs. Now the NFL needs someone to pick up where they left off and lose almost every game for the next 15 years. There is a tight race between four teams.

Firstly, the Miami Dolphins (1-7). The dolphins just got their first win in week 10 against the terrible New York Jets whom recently made this list. They were supposed to be losing out in order to get the number one overall pick. But they can’t even do that correctly. You know that it’s not a great team when the competition for who the starting quarterback will be is still going on until week 8. The Dolphins have lost to some pretty bad teams that are also on this list. They lost to the Redskins, who were also winless at the time. The Dolphins are a team that will be considered lucky if they win three games this year.

Second, the New York Jets (1-7). The Jets looked pretty promising this year after they beat the Dallas Cowboys in a shocker. Then, Darnold got Mono, and the backup quarterback could not hold down the fort. The Jets proceeded to lose every single game until Darnold got back, and then they lost when he got back. To none other than the Dolphins, who have been a terrible team all year. The chances of the Jets winning five or more games this year is slim to none, they need a franchise player on the offense, and if they don’t get one soon, we could see a winless team next year.

Next, the sad, winless, Cincinnati Bengals (0-8). You have to feel bad for the Bengals, they just keep on losing. They have some talented guys on offense, but they struggle to put points up. The defense has no trouble with getting points on the board, just for the wrong team. The whole team is just playing bad football right now, and it shows. The coaching staff decided to bench their usual starter and pro-bowler Andy Dalton. They seem to think that a change at the quarterback position will solve all their problems, but their backup is a no name that will surely struggle and have problems. I give it two weeks before Dalton is back on the starting roster. The Bengals need a stronger defense and better coaching staff, or things could get bad fast.

For our final team, we have the Washington Redskins (1-8). The Redskins keep on losing, and they fired their head coach because of it, but that didn’t solve any problems. The Redskins have not won any games without him. Furthermore, the coaching staff is making terrible decisions on offense. The Redskins spent a first round pick to get quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and then made him Case Keenum’s backup. Keenum has since then got injured, and instead of letting their first-rounder throw the ball, the Redskins are running it over fifty percent of the time. You know it’s not a great team when your sole athlete is the 34 year old Adrian Peterson. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great back, but he should not be your best player. The Redskins need to get a clue and use their other weapons, or they could be in for a rough one and fifteen season.