Get Involved


Madison Poshard, Staff Writer

At Carterville High School there are many opportunities to get more involved with the school and the community. Not only do they look great on college applications, but they also help form valuable friendships, build skills, and  make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Sophomore Alecia Doyle states, “Student Council is a great way to get involved around the school, and help lead the school.”  Student Council is currently busy preparing for Homecoming. Student Council consists of around 100 people ranging from the Freshman class to the Senior class. The goal of Student Council is to lead the school whether it’s academically or being role models throughout the school. They help coordinate student activities and activities within the community. For example, Vice President Julia Stroud is helping Carterville organize the annual Homecoming Parade. 

Another major club in Carterville High School is Carterville Crazies. This group of students help make up the Student Section during football games. They make signs to support their team and bring enthusiasm to hype up the students and the team. Olivia Cripps a senior, has been a part of Carterville Crazies for four years now. She decided to join because she wanted to get more involved. Another senior Conner Hawkins, is a part of Carterville Crazies as well. He said his favorite part about the club is, “getting lit in the student section at football games”. Although the window to officially join Carterville Crazies has closed, they still welcome students from all classes to come out and help teams in the school!

The club that is most involved in the community outside of the High School is Interact Club. This club mainly focuses on helping students find opportunities to volunteer. They volunteer at local businesses, as well as food pantries, and community events. Interact Club has upward of 120 people. The club is partnered with Carterville’s local rotary club. Some of Carterville’s students have gone out of the country with the Rotary Club, which they were introduced to through the club at the high school. Interact Club is always welcoming new people to help out around the community. 

Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and become more familiar with the real world. Whether the clubs are focused on cheering on their sports teams or helping those in need around Carterville, they all focus on improving the community.