Guess the Teacher

Isabelle Pearce

Each teacher at Carterville High School has their own unique style and characteristics that students notice. Some have physical characteristics we notice, some say certain phrases often, and they all have a different personality. Below is a list of 12 teachers that each has a description. The descriptions below are common things that students notice. Try to guess which description matches up with the correct teacher!

1) Ms. Donohue                          A) He loves bikes, good sense of humor, always trying to make his students laugh

2) Mr. Coleman                          B) Throws around a small football, tells  many stories, athletic

3) Mr. Dunn                                C) Loves his dog more than anything, usually starts off class by yelling “hello” to everyone

4) Mr. Davis                                D) Has a beard, wears glasses, had a daughter about a year ago 

5) Mr. Hall                                   E) Knows all the life skills; she knows how to cook, sew, and about kids

6) Mrs. Clark                               F) Very nice, short, her hair always looks really pretty, seems intimidating but is really fun to talk to

7) Mr. Clark                                 G) This science teacher is very calm and understanding; has a daughter, and is very into cars

8) Mr. Towers                             H) This teacher is athletic along with her husband, and she talks about her kids a lot

9) Ms. Bolling                              I) This is his second year teaching at Carterville High School, very tan, says, “Boom roasted!” to students a lot

10) Ms. Schoonover                    J) A coach, teaches fitness, very encouraging 

11) Mr. Hawkins                          K) His wife also works here as a councilor, very tall and loud, must be a good driver, always greets you in the hallway

 12) Mr. Jeralds                            L) Always has her hair and makeup done, “Fact Jack Friday is very popular in her class 

Did you match all the descriptions to the correct teacher? It’s always a good idea to get to know each teacher in school, even if they are a little… interesting!