The Way To Winning

Zakaria Jackson, Staff Writer

Image result for baseballBaseball, what is it? Is it just a hobby, a way of life or just a game that people like to play? Most people who enjoy the sport will tell you that it is all those things wrapped into one. Baseball is described in many different ways, it just depends on who is being talked to. A defining action that determines how a person categorizes baseball, is based on a players view. Many players consider baseball a passion and take it extremely seriously. The way the players show how important this game is to them is by always having traditions. Many players take their traditions to heart by doing them at every game.

A tradition to a baseball player can be something that defines the game for them. Players will do anything to do these warm-up routines. These warm-ups are even called rituals. Many baseball players in the Little, Major, and Minor leagues have warm-ups that they always do before a game. Major league player Yorvit Torrealba would take a drink out of a paper cut before a hit-then throw it if it landed right side up he figured he would have a good hit. Jason Grilli another major league player used to put a two-sided baseball card in his shoes during his little league days. On one side of the card was Ken Griffey and on the other side, it was Nolan Ryan. On days he would pitch, he would have Griffey face up and the rest of the days he would have Ryan. Grilli also stated, “I guess I thought it would somehow absorb their abilities, gain some of their superpowers.” Major league player is not the only ones to have rituals to this extent.

Warm-ups not only mean something to professional baseball players, they mean something to any person who plays baseball and has a tradition. These traditions could be as simple as wearing the same pair of socks or it could be as crazy as never cleaning a baseball uniform. Traditions could even be based on a personal faith or in memory of a family member. As for varsity baseball players at Carterville High School, their warm-ups are quite different from what the professionals are. Junior Nate Watts states, “At every pitch, I yell twinkies” not only is this warm-up different than most, but it also shows that a player can have fun whilst taking the game seriously. Individuals on the team have there on personal warm-up, the team as a whole has there own traditions. Junior Luke Busby says, “Before every home game, we play a game of golf” as this warm-up is a way for the players to let off some steam to be able to win the game. Additionally, Junior Varsity player Ben Haake states, “Before each game the whole team goes out to the pitching mound and prays.” This warm-up shows that baseball brings people together and makes the game a whole lot better to be apart of.

Baseball may be defined as just a hobby or a game for kids. In all actuality baseball can be a individuals hopes and dreams. A way a player defines the way they play the game can be shown in what their warm-up routines are like. Warm up can be fun or can have a lot of meaning to it. No matter what the warm up is, the player will always have a love for the game.


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