AP Test Taking Tips

Julia Stroud, Staff Writer

As the school year slowly approaches May, AP students begin to set into panic mode as English, Calculus, Chemistry, and U.S History tests come to the final countdown. A whole school year of preparation is coming to a close, and students struggle to fit in last second studying. No fear AP Students! Here are some last minute AP test taking tips:

  1. Be sure you’re familiar with the test format! – Whether you are taking all four tests offered at Carterville High School or even just one, be sure you know what to expect it the test questions and organization. Junior Caleb Knight explains his plan for the AP U.S. History test, “I’m going to practice writing DBQs, LEQs, and SAQs before the exam. I want to be familiar with the writing tests.”
  2. Get some sleep! – Although students might be tempted to participate in some late night study sessions, the most important thing to remember is SLEEP. If you want to be prepared for the exhaustion that comes with an AP test, you need to get an effective amount of sleep.
  3. Take some time to RELAX! – It may seem like you should spend every undying moment up till test day studying, but students may actually benefit from taking a break. With the stress that follows with AP tests, it’s important that students are able to take a break and focus on something besides AP test topics. Senior Jabe Outland says, “I’m not really trying to cram, I’m trying to remain stress free and relax.”
  4. Study in short amounts! Senior Justin Cross recommends “studying at least once everyday, even if just for a short period of time.” Don’t try to cram all the information at once.