A Musical for the Ages

Dylan Gossett, Staff Writer

On Friday and Saturday, April 13th and 14th, audiences at Carterville High School were transported to Broadway in New York during the 1950s. The scene was full of color, sound, and incredible performances for the school’s annual musical. This year, Director Lauren Arnett, put on the famous Broadway show, Guys and Dolls, which premiered over 65 years ago! The story entails Nathan Detroit, a gambler seeking to make money for his fiancée, finding himself mixed up in all sorts of trouble, as well as Sky Masterson, a famous gambler who finds love in an unlikely place. The cast, crew, and orchestra practiced tirelessly to make the show perfect. The cast ran through the show numerous times before their first performance. The band made sure to perfect each song while the crew experimented and decided how to efficiently make transitions go smoothly. Carterville Junior High School and Carterville High School students were given the chance to view the show during the day, and were enthralled by the catchy songs and captivating story.

Senior, Jabe Outland, exclaimed that his favorite scene of the musical was “the underground sewer scene because I loved the music, plus Sky punching Big Jule was hilarious!”

Following the school performances, actors took center stage Friday and Saturday night to a paying audience, eager to put on a great show. The pit, conducted by Dannyel Norrington, had instruments ready to recreate the magic of the original show. Also, the crew, including lights, sounds, and backstage were all determined to make sure the show ran without any problems. Parents, community members, and fans of the theater seemed to be very anxious to watch the story unfold. Audiences were blown away by the students’ acting and vocal performances, the orchestra’s melodies, and the crew’s hard work. Seeing the vivid colors and light, alongside the casts’ harmonies made for an excellent show. Parents and fans of the stage found countless moments as their dear favorites.

“I have had seasons tickets to the fox theater, have seen musicals on Broadway, and London theater. The quality of the high school’s musicals is in my opinion up there with the best. I was blown away,” said Cheryl Swann, a parent of one of the pit members, full of amazement due to the show.

Offstage, everyone involved in the project was having a blast! The cast, crew, and pit alike found the show to be extremely exciting and enjoyable throughout. From small tickle fights to silly dance moves, the project was lighthearted and fun for everyone involved. Performers and crew gained countless memorable moments that they hold dear from this year’s production. Many people from this production took more away from the show, even after curtain call.

Sophomore Nick Lincoln, who portrayed gambler Sky Masterson, took away that, “This production has given me the opportunity to enhance my experience throughout the fine arts, and I got to strengthen both old and new friendships”

Junior clarinet player, Nicole Young, commented that, “Being involved in the musical, especially this year, allowed me to form closer friendships, even with some people I never thought I would be friends with. It also boosted my confidence”

This year’s production of Guys and Dolls was an outstanding show for both performers and audience members, and as a result meant even more to people than what was seen on stage.